Interwetten voids £6300 winning bet

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Interwetten (SBR rating B-) has voided a £6300 winning soccer wager. A player placed a bet on an exact outcome between Gallipoli and Grosseto, Italian B League soccer. Ten hours after the wager was graded the winnings were voided. Interwetten left a note in the player's account citing an error in betting odds. BoyleSports (unrated) offered comparable odds as Interwetten on the same wager. SBR is contacting Interwetten to discuss this dispute.

Player comments:

I've had my account with IW roughly two years or more and use them on a monthly basis really for casino play but I don't think this was my first bet with them.

I bet on a Italian Serie B football game, Gallipoli 2 - 2 Grosseto. Odds were 14.0 for a 2-2 draw and I bet £450 on this outcome, this was accepted. (£6300 if it won)

Upon checking my account the next day I find my account locked and requests for ID. I sent these off (this is despite me having a number of casino payouts processed without a request for ID in the past) and noticed that my account balance was not including the £6300 winnings. I have then sent various emails with ID, uploaded ID via their site and sent various emails asking about the winnings from my bet which was accepted.

On Wednesday my account was finally unlocked and I could check my account history.

The bet that I placed has been voided at 9:41am on Tuesday morning, around 10 hours AFTER the game was played and result was confirmed.

I've since sent numerous emails asking for explanation of why they have voided my bet after the event and to me this is stealing of winnings. I've not yet had one email from them, either to mention my original bet being voided or to any of my requests so far asking for an explanation.


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