Interwetten addresses €6300 canceled bet dispute

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Interwetten (SBR rating B-) has addressed the €6300 canceled bet dispute from SBR's 2/15 report. Interwetten has cited third party news sources which chronicled a highly irregular number of bets on a 2-2 exact score outcome on an Italy B Series soccer game between Gallipoli and Grosseto. The score was 2-1 at half when a lopsided number of bets streamed in on the exact outcome. SBR has inquired in discussions with Interwetten whether or not all open bets on the game were voided, or only the wagers on the 2-2 outcome. Interwetten stated that its legal department advised them to not answer these questions. Interwetten, along with all other sportsbooks which serve sports where match fixing has been proven to occur have rules on file enabling them to void all bets in such games. The most ethical course of action when canceling bets on matches determined to be fixed is to void all wagers, not to selectively apply which wagers to settle. Betfair (SBR rating A+) graded all markets normally on the wager. | Interwetten cancels winning bet report.

Player comments:

I'm with the same problem.I bet 10? on Gallipoli 2 vs Grosseto 2 with a 14.0 odd @ 14:51 (game was at 20:45). I send couple emails that the only answer I have is that they are resolving it... (more then a week after).

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