Interview with AGCC Director Andre Wilsenach Pt. 2

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In part two of the SBR interview with Executive Director of Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) André Wilsenach, the European iGaming landscape is discussed  from a licencing and taxation standpoint, as well as benefits operators have in the current market vs potential changes down the road.

The AGCC was founded in 2000 and regulates eGambling in Alderney, issuing licences to operators and offering players arbitration. On May 24th, SBR reported on the AGCC recently issuing a full, category one licence to Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+).

In part two of his interview with SBR Natalie, Mr. Wilsenach gives clear and thorough answers regarding the prospect of an EU-wide licence, and his views on member-states in general. "From what I've seen so far in instances where jurisdictions have liberalised their gaming sector, it is quite difficult to change this culture overnight." Mr. Wilsenech stated. "I expect that in five years time most EU member-states will have totally liberalised their gaming market."

SBR Natalie discussed the prospect of inter vs instra-state online poker out of the US and abroad, Mr. Wilsenach added the following: "The US is probably going to be very much in the same situation. Some of these states don't have large populations, therefor if you are going to restrict community games to one state, or one member-state in the case of the EU, it is not going to make it very attractive for the operator" Wilsenach stated. "You're looking for large liquidity. The only way you can achieve that in countries such as the US and Europe is that jurisdictions need to start to think about agreeing compacts with each other, whereby they would share liquidity."

Speaking about the prospect "The cost will not be limited to licence fees and taxes, but also to infrastructure and server costs. If you look at what's happening in Europe, each member-state's technical requirements are different." Wilsenach stated.

On how an EU-wide licence might affect Alderney, Wilsenach stated: "Developments in Europe has introduced a concept of licencing regulation and taxation at the point of consumption. Until four years ago, it was generally accepted that operators are licenced, regulated and taxed at the point of estabilishment — or where the company is established. This will certainly have an affect on all circled .com jurisdictions such as ourselves, in that licencees will in the future have to have a licence to do business in those jurisdictions. If you look at Europe, it's already the case in Italy, France, Denmark, Spain, and Beligum. Alderney believes that it is well-positioned for that scenario."

SBR will update as more EU-facing iGaming licencing or regulatory changes are made. has been the leading online sportsbook and casino industry watchdog since 1999. SBR operates a robust ratings guide, reviews, and newswire information service.

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