Intertops player solicits feedback on sportsbook limits

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An Intertops Sportsbook (SBR rating A) player has opened a discussion thread at the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum seeking feedback from other online sports bettors with respect to how Intertops handles wagering limits.

The player disclosed that he is up a good sum with the sports betting site since creating his account.

What the player asked is if Intertops is an online betting site that adjusts player's wagering amounts based on their success. The inquiry also touches on a common misconception, which SBR covered in a news editorial: Why do online sportsbooks limit wagers?

The player's question, as well as SBR's insight on the topic, can be found below.

Intertops Player: "Is Intertops known to limit (wagers)? Up a pretty good amount with them since opening my account but it's only been a month or so. Are they known to limit?"

Online betting sites typically do not decrease a player's wagering limits simply because they have made money. While limits are applied on an individual basis, the following categories are things that may prompt a sports betting site to decrease your wagering limits, even if you have actually lost money with them over the lifetime of your account.

Only betting bad lines
This is one of the most common reasons players are either limited or shown the door. Sports betting sites do not want angle-shooters.

Steam Chasing
If your wagers are all placed in the 10 second window from a line change hitting the market before the sportsbook has had a chance to react, you are probably going to find your account limited.

Avoiding Exotic Bets
While super-teasers and reverses and open parlays can be super fun to play, they are a signal to sportsbooks that is often sent by recreational or average Joe players, which is exactly what the house wants. Betting straights only, especially when you often have the best of it, is a good way to be on the short-list for players to have their wagering limit changed.

Betting it all on obscure markets
If you're the type of player to bet $10 on major sports and the max of $500 on French volleyball, then you're most likely going to be limited.

At the end of the day, players who wager to make some money as a hobby and follow sports will most likely never have their maximum bet size lowered. But, if it happens to you, wear it as a badge of honor.

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