Intertops Backend Bonus Complaint: Revoked near Finish Line

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An Intertops Sportsbook player has a filed a betting complaint.

The player has told SBR that the sports betting website Intertops voided his €500 free bet bonus which he would have received after completing 20% more of his play-through requirement.

This type of incentive is referred to as a back-end bonus, where unlike most betting sites, it comes as a reward after play vs. before.

The player wagered tirelessly so he says during the German Bundesliga season.

He has claimed that Intertops basically said that they can exclude bonuses for all customers whenever they would like.

A fair compromise here might be to receive 80% of the free bet bonus, since he had put that much in play.

Sportsbook Review will speak with Intertops management regarding the player's complaint.

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