InternationalAllSports stands by confiscation of player bonus+winnings

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On September 22nd SBR reported that InternationalAllSports (SBR rating B) had closed a player's account while an investigation was being conducted. The player had a balance of €5,000 at the time his account was disabled. Today IASbet has addressed SBR with their stance concerning the player.


1.    This player has multiple accounts linked to him via shared environments which is against our standard policies
2.    He is part of an Austrian syndicate with 3 or more linked parameters including the betting patterns
3.    They have not used the bonus in the spirit it was awarded and therefore we do have the right to remove the bonus and any winnings associated to it as contested funds
4.    Documents received from one of the linked accounts were rejected as being suspicious
5.    Our terms also state that a player will forfeit his entire bonus if he initiates a withdrawal before the bonus turnover is met. In this instance that is what the player tried to do and his withdrawal was rejected.

In light of this we have opted to refund his entire deposit amount of €4000.00 and remove the bonus including winnings associated with this.

IASbet has refused to provide specific evidence supporting any of their assertions to protect screening techniques. The player has adamantly denied any wrongdoing.


Hello sir!

I have a big problem. I'm betting at for a few months.
Last week i tried to make a withdraw. I sent my identifications.
At this time my account is closed! I cannot login in my account and IASbet doesn't answer any email. There are more than € 5.000,-- on my account and I'm afraid not to get my money, because i'm living in Austria, that's 20.000 km far from Australia, where IASbet is.
The live chat always tells my, that my account is under investigation and he can not tell me more.


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