InternationalAllSports cites bonus abuse and confiscates player winnings

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InternationalAllSports (SBR rating B) has closed a player's account and confiscated winnings for what they claim was "bonus abuse". The player adamantly denies the misuse of any bonus and his requests for support from IASbet have went unanswered. The player has provided a timeline to SportsbookReview which states the following order of events:

•    June 21st: The player requests 495€ withdrawal. The player is asked to provide 100 points of ID. The player sends 110 points.
•    July 2nd: They need copy of the card, player complies.
•    July 3rd: Player asked to send bank account #, IBAM and Swift, player obliges.
•    July 13th: Player is refunded 30€.
•    July 22nd: Player is refunded 30€.
•    July 29th: Player is informed account was closed and deposits returned.

The player's deposit was only 30€ and he was refunded this amount twice in two seperate transactions prior to being informed the account was closed. SBR will seek to reach management to discuss this. This is the second account closure case levied against InternationalAllSports in the past week.

Player comments


Yes I do deny violating their bonus terms. In fact I haven´t used the bonus yet. They keep it also, because I have my first deposit bonus of 50€ that I never used, because they close my account.

How could I violated their bonus terms if I not even used it?

- 1st I have asked my withdrawal request in 21 of JUNE, They have asked me 100 point of identification, I send it 110 points.
- 2nd in 2 of JULY, they need the copy of the card, I send them the comprovative.
- 3rd in 3 of JULY they asked me to send them my bank account number, IBAM and Swift, I did it.
- 4or - in 18 JULLY, they said that they have already preceded my withdrawal.
- 5ft I received a letter of my bank showing a deposit of 30€ in the 13 of JULY and another in 22 of JULY with the same value 30€. The withdrawal is 495€.
-6th - In 24 of JULLY they said AGAIN the withdrawal was already proceed.
-7th - In 29 of JULLY they said that my account has been closed and deposit back.
I try to login into my account and they don’t let me, I spoken with a live operator and he told me that my account was close because of the illegal use of the bonus, and I not even play it.
Know they say that It’s a management decision and its final.
They don’t answer my mails and nothing.
That is what is happening.
Please help me, because for me it’s a lot of money, money that I need to pay my bills.


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