InstantActionSports (SBR rating C) gives winning player an ultimatum

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InstantActionSports (SBR rating C) gives a winning player who had successfully rollved over a 20% cash bonus an ultimatum. The player  deposited $2,000 via bank wire three months ago and accepted the 20% cash bonus. The player had his wire fees covered for the deposit. The player ran the balance up to $7,143 by placing over $13,000 in action. The player bet mostly straight bets and teasers.

InstantActionSports concedes that the rollover was met but informed the player that he is deemed a non-recreational player and should the player wish to withdraw his balance in full that his bonus, reimbursed fees, and a proportional amount of winnings (<$1400) will be confiscated. The player was then given an ultimatum to leave his initial deposit+bonus+fees in the account to continue wagering.

This is not the first time InstantActionSports has been involved in a dispute like this. Back in June of 2008 InstantActionSports confiscated multiple player bonuses as well as a portion of their winnings. They later agreed to pay in full after SBR inquired on the players' behalf. | View InstantActionSports confiscation reports

Player comments:

I joined IAS about 3 months ago, deposited $2,000 via bank wire and received a 20% bonus and my fees covered. In the last 3 months I have wagered and been quite lucky, running my $2,000 initial deposit up to $7,143. (Over ~$13,000 in wagers.) I have wagered on a mix of sports, straight bets, teasers, etc.

When trying to withdraw after fulfilling all bonus rollover requirements (which they confirmed I have met all the requirements and not violated any terms and conditions), they told me over the phone that they deem me a non-recreational player and will retroactively confiscate my bonus, fees, and a proportional amount of my winnings (effectively about $1,400) if I want to withdraw. They gave me the alternative to leave my initial deposit and bonus and fees in my account to continue wagering, but it sounds like if I do that I will never be able to withdraw that remaining money, as the winnings confiscation will happen retroactively.

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