Industry news update (video)

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SBR Forum video analyst Peter Loshak breaks down the latest sportsbook industry news in the below piece:

21KBet (SBR rating D-) players have submitted 28 payment complaints. The players are owed €28,342. Most of the players are waiting for payouts via Moneybookers, while some are hoping for bank transfer and Paypal. 21KBet has gone dark in its communication with SBR, and provides only generic updates to players. The sportsbook has largely blamed Moneybookers for the delays. SBR received a statement from Moneybookers that clarified 21KBet is not a registered gaming merchant, and that it would look into the user complaints. 21KBet offered 100% bonuses to lure in players, and appears to be uninterested in righting the ship. The last known payment was €670 last month to a player by bank transfer. 21KBet remains on SBR's sportsbook blacklist.

WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) is now more than $700,000 behind on payments. The troubled sportsbook has seen its player debt increase each month, as users continue to file complaints against the once well-regarded outfit. WSEX is still pinning the blame on procesors and the US climate for the delays, although most people by now recognize that the sportsbook is simply not making enough money to pay all of its players, and is either unwilling or unable to clear the debts out of pocket. WSEX is in a state that is referred to as "operating on the float" - that is, only releasing payments once more deposits come in. Based on the amount of payments that are being reported, the indication is that not many deposits are rolling in for WSEX. WSEX is still working email to try to bring in new clients, launching different casino promos and creating the impression that all is well with the Antiguan bookmaker. WSEX players have been waiting as far back as October of 2009 in some cases.

In a refreshing bit of good news, SBR reported that the DGS casino was certified as fair by renowned company Jacobson Gaming LLC. Headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, DGS is one of the industry's most widely used software. Jacobson Gaming, which is run by Dr. Eliot Jacobson, PhD, extensively tested the random number generator used in DGS games. DGS successfully passed the auditing process, which includes game fairness tests, RNG and statistical testing.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance have numerous options to get in touch with SBR. Players can either file a sportsbook complaint form, write to SBR directly, telephone SBR (1-830-255-4677), or sound off publicly by registering at SBR Forum and creating a post in the Sportsbook Feedback section.

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