In-play Betting: The Dos and Dont's

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Live, in-play betting can be intoxicating: There are many ways to bet, and with so many new ways to watch games and check progress on smart phones and other devices, the unsophisticated sports bettor may get in over their head or have their bankroll suffer due to procedural error.

Keep reading to find out the key dos and don't associated with in-play wagering.

The Dos:

Bet Responsibly
Players who are not used to the pace of in-play betting might become intoxicated by the sheer speed, the fact that you can wager on real-time, instant gratification plays such as the winner of the next point in tennis or the next time to record a field goal. Bettors should take their time and try to bet with the same discipline as pre-match wagering.

Check Rollover Roles
If you're intending on betting 20 times during a match solely to help clear bonus play-through, you should first check the promo terms and conditions at your betting site to make sure that in-play betting action is included and eligible to be counted.

Compare Prices
Line shopping is key. There is a high correlation between the market offerings for pre-game bets and the diversity of an in-play betting cart. Don't assume your first choice is the best one.

The Dont's:

Betting Based on your TV or score website
A lot of times players will place bets because of how the sequence of events are going on their TV or computer. Time and time again, these players realize that the online sportsbooks have access to the best and most real-time feeds, and that what is on their TV may not necessarily correlate to the betting odds offered. While players should use free resources such as SBR Odds to verify scores, ultimately the betting market itself is what should guide bets, not any third party tools.

Changing your bet because of how the game starts out
There is an old saying that only the last two minutes really matter at the end of a basketball game. Players have often lamented at the SBR posting forum that they wish they would have stuck to their initial pre-match bet and not panicked when the ball didn't bounce their team's way starting out; in-play betting can lead to compulsive wagering tendencies if you let it, so don't.

Trying to Cheat
There are entire departments at many sports betting websites with access to the best and most real-time feeds. However, as with any live event broadcast around the world, sometimes there are technical hiccups. These are always identified eventually, and players who take advantage or even cheat the system may quickly find their account closed or balance adjust. It is simply not worth trying to pull a fast one.

Now that you have learned the basics of in-play betting, you may wish to share your ideas or questions with the SBR betting community in the Handicapper Think Tank - a free message board at the SBR forum.

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