iGaming news video: Sportsbook.com US, Betway update

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SBR news analyst Natalie Rydstrom discusses the latest iGaming industry news with dispute mediator Justin7. In today's video piece, a Sportsbook.com US Kentucky wagering dispute is discussed; a Unibet futures wagers migration issue, as well as an update from the Betway bonus confiscation cases. SBR Justin7 also weighs in on a sportsbook dispute involving Betsson (SBR rating C+).

Hi, this is Natalie Rydstrom with this week’s Industry News update, reporting for SportsbookReview.com.

Unibet recently spent €13.5 million on the acquisition of Bet24 Sportsbook. SBR reported last month that the deal would see a few dozen Bet24 employees transferred to Unibet. One Bet24 employees statement has caused quite the stir though; as a player filed a complaint with SBR indicating that he was told his pending futures wagers would NOT be migrated to the Unibet platform. SBR is following up with Unibet to confirm the situation; please check the SBR newswire for further updates.

A Sportsbook.com US player has submitted a Kentucky Derby wagering dispute. The player believes that he is being horsed around with by management, as a winning wager paid 9-1, rather than the track odds he was expecting. The player states that by his count he was shorted $252 in winnings. SBR is following up on this case.

BETWAY has not relented in its confiscation of player winnings. As reported in last week’s segment, Betway is voiding the winnings of players who wager in excess of 30% of any bonus. This means if you deposit £100, receive a £25 bonus, making a £100 wager at ANY point during play gives Betway the right to seize all of your profit. Betway is on the SBR blacklist with a rating of D-; players are advised to avoid the shop.

In more positive news, the winnings confiscation dispute with Tipico Sportsbook has been resolved. On May 3rd, SBR reported that Tipico, rated C- by SBR, confiscated €195 in player winnings. The player told SBR that he provided proof of ID, but received only his deposit back from Tipico on the grounds of “potential money laundering”. SBR reached out to Tipico, who clarified that the matter was one big understanding --- Tipico alleged that they fully intended to refund the player’s winnings, and did so after realising their error.

Please stay tuned to the SBR newswire for more industry updates. Now I would like to welcome SBR dispute mediator Justin7 to the program. Justin, what are some of the biggest cases you are presently handling?

Players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to write to help@sportsbookreview.com. Alternatively, players may submit a sportsbook complaint form, or dial 1-830-255-4677 during normal business hours to speak with a disputes analyst.

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