If the State of Illinois was an Online Sportsbook...

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The State of Illinois is allegedly free rolling lottery winners.

Inside Edition was first to report that that an outrageous $288 million in lottery winnings has yet to be paid.

One big winner by the name of Susan Rick was quoted by Inside Edition: "We finally can have a comfortable life. Suddenly you're gonna [pull] the rug out from underneath us. We had a ticket for $250,000."

Illinois is presently not issuing lotto checks for winners who have cashed over $600, yet continues to advertise and run the state lotto. Another example is cited of a group of employees who pooled together and won a million bucks.

The conduct of the state is even more outrageous when you consider that some politicians demonize the online sports betting industry citing a need for US oversight, when a very fundamental state-run program is fleecing its citizens. Sportsbook Review recently interviewed NJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak on New Jersey's plans to legalize sports betting.

Classic example of a free roll
This is a classic example of what's referred to in the online sportsbook industry as a free roll. What this means is that players are free to risk their funds with the chance that they might lose, but have no ability to collect if they have the good fortune to actually win.

Illinois will undoubtedly pay up (eventually, right!?) but if this was an online sportsbook engaging in this practice, the activity qualifies as a clear scam and fraudulent behavior. Businesses cannot dangle a carrot in front of players and then say oh sorry, you can't have it right now, but we appreciate your business.

Online sportsbooks that cannot pay on time, such as Sportsbook.ag (SBR rating D-), that advertise fast payouts are also guilty of very similar behavior and should be avoided.

If you're playing with this type of scam sportsbook it is likely time to find a new website, and if you're a lotto player in the state of Illinois, it might be time to look for a new hobby or move.

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