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I-Sportsbook leaves Jazette group; players still unpaid

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I-Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) defects from Jazette Enterprises Limited (Sportsbook.com Group); players still unpaid. Turnkey Sportsbook, I-Sportsbook.com left JEL, which has been unable to pay players for over two months, on the 15th of April for the Futurebet Gaming Network. Although many Futurebet white label sportsbooks are able to pay their players, I-Sportsbook client funds appear to be in limbo between the two hosting operators. The new version of I-Sportsbook.com claims it does not have player balances from when the site was hosted on the Sportsbook.com/Jazette servers. The situation illustrates the added liability in playing with turnkey properties and why most are rated significantly lower than operator-owned flagship brands.

Player: On April 13th i tried to log onto my account and it said invalid username i spoke with a chat rep and they said it was because they were switching servers (which was scheduled to start on the 15th according to their website) they said i should be able to log on in a few days. I tried the next day and that chat rep said i was never a member and that until i remembered my username there was nothing he could do. Well the next day i was able to get to the cashier page and withdraw all funds they have still not reached me, each day i receive a new answer as to why my funds have yet to reach me. The current answer im getting over and over is that they need approval from the owner since my account was with the old network. I get this answer from EFS Caribbean who claims they have nothing to do with I-Sportsbook.com anymore. And the people at I-Sportsbook say they cant help me because my account was with the old network and can only contact the owner through email. I was a member with I-Sportsbook.com for 7 years without every having a problem before. I would like to thank you before you even reply because if i ever gamble on the internet again i know which sites to trust from your website. Is there anyway i can contact the owner am i being scammed?

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