How to Take Part in $65,000 Worth of NFL & NCAAF Contests

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There is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way for an NFL and College Football handicapper to pad their bankrolls and add to their expected value (EV) this football season.

Sportsbook Review has launched two major NFL and College Football sports betting contests which are open for registration.

Beat The Prick 13

The first contest is the flagship on the SBR Forum network: Beat The Prick. This is the 13th straight year the contest has run. The premise is simple; players try to out-handicap and out-fox the professional handicapper who goes by the name "The Prick". As the name suggests, he's not a character you invite to bible study, but a sports bettor that speaks his mind without a filter, that he is.

Beat The Bag

A new contest also enters the fold: Beat The Bag. The format is similar to BTP, except you're competing against the bro of all bros', Jimmy the Bag, a guy that is likely in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world's biggest 'douche', but who has a penchant for picking the outcome of baseball games better than the average bar patron. Will The Bag's success transfer over to the world of pigskin football? Let's find out. Pick five picks a week against The Bag on NFL point spreads and totals and see where the chips fall.

How to Play
All it takes to get started is an SBR Forum username. Nearly 700 members are enrolled thus far in both sports betting contests, which give away $40,000 to the top 40, and $25,000 to the top 25 respectively, plus thousands of weekly free play points which can be wagered in the virtual SBR Points Sportsbook. The free plays come with 1X rollovers before being converted into betpoints.

Participants can collect free play points for the first nine weeks of both contests before being required to verify their accounts. A small charitable donation of $100 to the Make a Wish children's foundation unlocks full SBR Store access so users can take their points and redeem them for electronics, gift cards, apparel, or even bitcoin (coming soon). This verification converts SBR Forum users into the "SBR PRO" program of online sports bettors (read more about SBR Pro). SBR Pro members have raised over $100,000 for charity in the last two years.

Write to with any questions about either contest or SBR Forum.

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