How Sportsbook Bonuses Can Save Your Bankroll

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Day one of the 2015 NCAA tournament was brutal for players.

That being said, it is the player who carefully hunts for bonuses and allocates his bankroll strategically rather than compulsively who is most likely still in the game.

A famous poker player once said, "you can only win what you ante up", and no one knows that better than sports bettors dealing with the bounce of a ball or sound of a late whistle.

Sports bettors lost big as was mentioned by with their SBR industry recap. But sports bettors who were betting with bonuses - cash, free play, or event specific bets, are most likely still in the game.

Sportsbook Review has a comprehensive sportsbook bonus directory which outlines the best bonus at top industry betting sites, and gives key information designed to help players save their bankroll and boost their +EV (expected value). The information given to players includes the total true bonus value, play-through required before a payout can be taken, maximum bonus value, and a list of restricted countries ineligible to accept a given offer.

The reason bonuses are effective is that players can opt to take stabs at big moneyline underdogs without the same risk as if they were using their own deposited funds. A loss doesn't sting quite as badly when a 4 to 1 dog goes down in flames if the funds lost were no different than monopoly money, and yet at the same time, wins recorded with bonus cash can be eventually be withdrawn straight to your bank account.

Not all online sportsbooks have a bonus driven model. Some bookmakers choose to focus on offering the lowest margins - for example instead of charging vigorish of -110, a bookmaker might opt to set the lines at -105, so $105 is needed to win $100, instead of the traditional $110 that many players are accustomed to.

For players who are interested in researching sportsbooks by more than just the size of the starting bonus, the sportsbook rating guide allows players to compare betting sites head-to-head according to feature.

It is difficult enough to win games as bookmaking lines are sharper than ever, so by using these resources such as the bonus directory and sportsbook ratings, players have the confidence that when they do win, they are being paid.

Players who encounter difficulty dealing with a betting site are urged to submit a sportsbook complaint form with SBR.


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