How to Shop for the Best Online Sportsbooks

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Sportsbook Review has attempted to simplify the shopping experience with its best sportsbooks list.

The sports betting websites displayed on the best sportsbooks list have been in business for many years and are each in good standing with players.

The mobile-friendly chart resizes to the available screen real estate of player devices, whether a 3.5 inch Blackberry smart phone or the latest Windows Surface tablet: Sportsbook Review now uses responsive technology for its primary website and will be similarly updating the rest of the network in the coming moonths.

Mobile betting stats
Sportsbook managers have told SBR that mobile betting traffic accounts for over 50% of all wagers these days, gone are the days of dialing in to place bets, when a click of a Stylus pen or swipe of a screen can easily place bets.

Searching for Sportsbooks by Bonus
Players can find the current sign-up bonus from sports betting sites rated from A+ to C using the sportsbook bonuses directory. Bonuses are displayed in multiple ways: by true bonus (the amount of pure bonus value associated with each offer), rollover amount required, maximum bonus, and overall bonus percentage.

Seeking Help with Online Sportsbooks
All sportsbooks listed on the best sportsbooks page are willing to discuss issues with SBR as part of the free dispute mediation service.

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