How to seek help with an Online Sportsbook

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If you've got a problem and you want answers, there are three easy steps to take to document your problem with your online sportsbook, casino, or poker room.

These steps are listed below.

File a Complaint with SBR
The process of filing a complaint is simple.

Provide your sportsbook username or handle - This allows SBR to follow up on your behalf. Choose whether the issue involves a payout complaint, bonus dispute, customer service issue, or other.

You must give an email address for SBR to reach you. Confirm a phone number if you wish, so support can be given via telephone, verify the name on the sportsbook account you're writing about.

Provide your country of residence so SBR can make sure an analyst familiar with your region, language, and sportsbooks serving the market can be assigned your case.

Then hit the Submit the button and you're done!

Register a free SBR username
If you're not the email type and you would like to simply vent your frustrations with your sports betting website with like-minded bettors, register an account at the SBR posting forum and fire up a thread in the Sportsbook & Industry section.

Creating an SBR account is free. You must confirm a valid email address.

Follow SBR on Twitter
Sportsbook Review operates a Twitter handle to keep sportsbook gamblers updated with the latest industry occurrences and the most significant newswire stories that run each day. Feel free to message SBR directly via Twitter and to follow.

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