How to Search for a Sportsbook Bonus on the SBR Network

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Update 5/31: Bettors can also compare sportsbook bonuses using the comparison page on the rating guide.

Online sports bettors can shop for sportsbook bonuses in many ways using the SBR network.

Using the Sportsbook Bonuses Directory

The sportsbook bonuses directory, shown above, offers the following categories to compare sportsbooks and their respective bonus.

SBR Rating: The rating of the online sportsbook is a major indicator on how quickly the sportsbook is able to process withdrawals, as well as the financial track record of honoring their payment obligations to players. It is one thing to be the fastest paying sportsbook with NFL deposits coming in every day, it is another to maintain the same on-time payout schedule during the slower months.

Sign Up Bonus: This field lists the percentage or dollar amount associated with the sportsbook bonus incentive. A gray info button () may be clicked to display additional bonus details, such as a promo code (if applicable), country restrictions, and fine-print SBR considers important information.

Rollover Required: The rollover required field shows how many times a player must risk their deposit plus bonus before being eligible to request a payout. Sportsbooks set rollovers to ensure that the player gives them action for the free cash; if a sportsbook did not set a rollover or set a rollover at just 1X, players would be able to guarantee making a profit and the book would stand to lose a large amount of money.

True Bonus: The true bonus refers to the amount of pure bonus cash associated with each offer. The formula for determining a true bonus is figured as % / Rollover. A free play is worth half of a cash bonus, so the value is halved when determining the true bonus amount of a free play.

Max Bonus Cap: The maximum bonus cap field shows the ceiling of each particular offer. For instance, if a 50% bonus can be redeemed up to $1,000 in bonus cash, that is what is displayed. A sportsbook offering a 100% bonus with just a $20 value is likely to be worth less to a player whose primary objective is getting as much free cash as possible.

Using the Sportsbooks Rating Guide

The sportsbook rating guide, shown above, allows players to filter their search for a sportsbook by the type of bonus offered.

Using the left-hand filter, players can search by sportsbooks that offer a cash or free play bonus from 10% to 50% or more. Simply click the dropdown arrow next to each label to perform the search and the sportsbooks displayed in the center of the page will automatically update.

Using the Best Sportsbooks List

The best sportsbooks list, an example of which is shown above, exclusively shows online sportsbooks considered the best and most trusted within the sports betting industry. Placement on the best sportsbooks list comes after many years of exceptional service to players and with reliable payout policies. The right corner of the sportsbook slide shows the current highest bonus offer at that betting site.

Using the Bitcoin Sportsbooks Page

The bitcoin sportsbooks list, shown above, allows players to compare betting websites that offer bitcoin and also see the sportsbook bonus offered at each betting site.

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