How to Save Money Betting MLB: A guide on MLB dimelines

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Baseball is one of America's favorite national pastimes. MLB is also a betting favorite among stats oriented online sports bettors.

A 162 game season poses its challenges, to be sure. Handicapping smartly, line shopping, bankroll management, and discipline are key factors that can make a dramatic difference on how a player's bankroll looks come October.

There is one area however that gives bettors the opportunity to save the most money and ultimately help grow their bankrolls throughout the year: choosing an MLB betting site which offers a dimeline.

A dimeline refers to a baseball line where a sportsbook charges around a 5 percent commission on a pick 'em line, resulting in a 10¢ spread between the favorite and underdog.

Example of savings with MLB dimeline

Betting site A:
Yankees: -165
Braves: +155
Betting site B:
Yankees: -175
Braves: +155
Betting site C:
Mets: +115
Cubs: -125
Betting site B:
Yankees: +115
Braves: -135

An online bettor only needs to risk $165 to win $100 in the example above. However, a bettor has to risk an additional $10 to win the same amount at the second sportsbook which uses a full vigorish line. Multiply this scenario hundreds of times or more throughout an MLB season and losses will add up quickly.

As the old saying goes, small edges truly matter, just go down the Las Vegas strip and look up at the towering casinos which have been in built by consistently getting the best of it long-term.

The industry's top online sportsbooks offer MLB dimelines; some of which offer special lines discounted even more for MLB overnights. Players can compare baseball linesets offered from betting sites using the best MLB sportsbooks grid.

When shopping for a new sportsbook that offers a dimeline, players are advised to consider betting sites that also include a sign-up bonus: the sportsbook rating guide lists bonuses, features, and platform details on over 200 online sportsbooks.

To exchange betting strategies and share predictions with SBR community members, visit the baseball betting forum.

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