How to Protect Your Sports Betting Account from Hackers

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Sportsbook Review receives many thousands of complaints each year from online sports bettors. A percentage of these complaints center on account hacking or unauthorized access that results in the loss of user funds.

The below tips are some useful ways to make sure that as a player you are doing everything you can to protect your online sportsbook account.

Setup Touch ID or Pass Code on Smartphone
Let's assume that you lose your cell: What kind of security is in place to prevent a random person from rifling through your personal photos, saved emails, and other sensitive data? Some online sportsbooks actually email you a copy of your credentials, so anyone with access to your email could in theory quite easily log-in from another device and steal your funds, especially if the sportsbook offers bitcoin as a payment option where there is less of a need for Know Your Customer (KYC). Setup fingerprint authentication to access your phone or at least a numeric code.

Public Access Spots
In a worst case scenario, traffic sent through a mobile device can be intercepted allowing an unsavory hacker to steal your info and hijack your account whilst you are enjoying an expensive cup of joe from Starbucks. It's OK to play angry birds on your cell while out and about, but do yourself a favor and don't log-in to your sportsbook account from an unencrypted public connection.

Securing your home connection
Do not use the stock security key that came with your router, unless you want to make it easier for your neighbor to access your internet, and make sure to set a secure password on your router, or better yet, use a wired connection to be even safer.

Setting Your Password
Under no circumstances should your password be your pet's name and some numbers, your first or last name, or any publicly available data, or even words that can easily be guessed by running random sequences of words from the dictionary with combinations of numbers. Your password should contain at least 16 characters and a mixture of uppercase and lowercase and special characters to minimize the likelihood a password cracker can be used to penetrate your account.

Do not use the same credentials at multiple sportsbooks
Your Windows password should not be the same as your email password. Your online banking password should not be the same as your sportsbook password. Your sportsbook ABC password should not be the same as your XYZ password. Get the point?

Playing it safe and incorporating the feedback above should vastly reduce your risk in becoming a victim to identity fraud or loss of your sportsbook held funds. The reality is that even when players feel that they have a perfectly legitimate sportsbook complaint, account security is ultimately their own responsibility.

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