How Fast Is Your Sportsbook Paying? Discuss at SBR Forum

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SBR Forum invites readers to share their feedback on sportsbook payouts.

A discussion thread has been created for the month of October 2017 allowing sports bettors to share their experiences on which sports betting sites are paying quickest and most importantly with less fees. (View September's thread)

SBR Forum has more than 400,000 members. Word of mouth is extremely powerful in the digital age. It is important to consider resources such as the annual SBR Forum posters' poll for top online sportsbooks before making a decision on where to play. Members routinely share their feedback on how companies are treating them in the Sportsbooks & Industry Forum.

The online sportsbooks rating guide lists over 200 active sports betting sites by rating. Websites in the A to A+ range are considered the best in the business and have the longest track record of paying players in a timely fashion.

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