How to Bet On Sports by Sportsbook Review

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Sportsbook Review has created a comprehensive guide aimed at educating first timers on everything they need to know to begin wagering on sports.

Online sports betting has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in the media thanks to the onslaught of fantasy sports advertisements, and New Jersey's fight for land based betting.

Internationally, it is impossible to watch a soccer game without being blanketed by sportsbook ads.

But, is the sportsbook industry any more indomitable than the casino industry for average Joe's looking to make a quick buck to supplement their income?

How Hard Is It To Win?
Aside from rolling over a manageable sportsbook bonus, it will take some research and finding a good betting site, but if you pick your poisons, and have a little bit of luck with the ball bouncing your way, there are plenty of highly +EV (expected value) opportunities even for a first time sports bettor.

As a general rule of thumb, the breakeven win rate for an online sports bettor wagering on -110 lines is 52.4%.

Learn At Your Own Pace
The how to bet on sports guide covers all of the basics and intermediates: a glossary of common sports betting terms gets you started, plus a step by step guide on areas which are pertinent to sports bettors. First time players are armed with everything they need to know to make a buck this NFL and NCAAF football season. Recommended reading to get you started: betting teasers & pleasers.

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