How to Bet On Sports: How Teasers Can Help Your Bankroll

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Sportsbook Review created the how to begin wagering on sports guide to make it easier for first timers starting out with online sportsbooks.

Online sports betting has become more mainstream thanks to media attention from companies such as ESPN, never-ending processions of fantasy sports ads and legal sports coverage, as well as states such as New Jersey vehemently pursuing sports betting in Atlantic City.

Sportsbook Review recognizes that there are plenty of places to start, and hopes that the how to bet on sports guide will get a beginner well on their way to beating their bookmaker.

Teasers & Pleasers
Teasers & pleasers are some of the most popular wager types there are for football bettors, especially those who plan on wagering Super Bowl LI. Put simply, a teaser is a form of a wager that allows a player to shift the point spread in their favor. Two or more sides must be included in a teaser, such as the favorite and the over, or the underdog and the under (though it can be any combination therein). For instance, in a traditional two-team, six point teaser, a player can tease the Patriots to +3 and the total to over 52. This pays out at -110 at most online betting sites.

Learn As You Go & Chat with Other Bettors
The how to bet on sports guide covers all of the basics in an easy to follow way. More advanced topics will be added based on player feedback and requests. SBR Forum members often bounce ideas off one another in the Handicapper Think Tank as it relates to assessing their edges, value, and coming up with ways to beat the house reliably. If the reading is too heavy in the Think Tank, the Sportsbook & Industry forum traditionally keeps it lighter with discussion on the best bonuses, fastest paying sportsbooks and so forth.

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