How to Bet On Sports: Football Teasers Betting Guide

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The NFL and College Football seasons are fast approaching.

One of the most popular methods of wagering on American football is by way of "teaser".

Put simply, a teaser adjusts the pointspread in your favor by a fixed number of points for two or more combinations. A teaser increases the likelihood a selected team covers the spread.

For example, if the Packers are -7 favorites against the Bills, and the Giants are +3 underdogs against the Cowboys, a two-team, six point teaser would adjust each spread to -1 and +9 respectively. Both teams would have to cover for the bet to payout at -110 odds.

The more teams that are included in a teaser, the greater the payouts.

Some online sportsbooks offer "super teasers" with the ability to tease 10 points or more on a single game.

Sportsbook Review listed the best sportsbooks for betting teasers as a handy guide for determining which NFL betting sites are best for teasers.

For more details on teasing and getting the best of it, as well as a summary of "pleasers", visit the how to bet on sports guide created by Sportsbook Review.

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