Hidden Sportsbook Deposit Fee or just a mistake?

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An SBR reader took to the posting forum earlier today shaking the trees over what he felt was an unjust fee added on top of his sportsbook deposit.

As it turned out in his case, the added fee was charged in error and was reimbursed by his online sportsbook, which he did not name.

The player touched on an interesting subject though which highlights the importance of checking statements.

Many times, players will notice a small amount - normally 3% or so - that actually correspond to bank imposed fees.

It is important to check the sportsbook terms and conditions and/or the cashier fine print to get an understanding of what extra fees may apply based on the transaction type.

Further, players who make many transactions to sportsbooks - such as those who might line-shop actively using SBR Betting Odds - should stay on top of their banking statements to ensure there are no errors in their posted transactions.

Sending cash through Western Union and Moneygram for example incurs fees that vary based on the amount sent. The online sportsbooks in the best sportsbooks list reimburse fees on deposits of $300 or more.

Players that would like to find online sportsbooks by bank options offered can do so at the sportsbook rating guide. There is a specific filter for WU/MG.

Players interested in a deposit methods with no fees can check out the online sportsbooks that accept bitcoin.

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