HeroesCasino says new backing will mean ability to pay players

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HeroesCasino (SBR rating D) owes 12 players $74,358. The earliest payment request was made on June 3rd. Heroes has not denied its financial hardship to players yet has continued to market itself and look for more customers that it cannot afford to pay. In a letter addressed to a player dated February 3rd, Heroes management alluded to a potential bailout on the horizon which would allow the troubled company to clear up thousands in player debt.


Good day, after review of your account, it appears that we will be able to directly put $200 back to your card. However the remaining 1700 requested will be on hold due to the email below. Please advise if you would like me to proceed with the CC refund.

At this time we have begun performing all due diligence with a Gaming Firm that has agreed to merge with Heroes, with this happening we will have the opportunity to settle all pending withdrawals. While the process of due diligence in which a full review of all company and client accounts is taking place all payouts will continue to be delayed until completion.
Being aware that some of you have been waiting a long time to receive your funds and hearing that you have to wait longer is probably not appealing however there is now a clear end in sight to your wait.
I would like to take this time to personally apologize for the length of time this whole process has taken, as I have stated it was never the intention of Heroes or myself to mislead you in anyway.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we found ourselves in this situation but rather than lie down and give up we continued on trying to make Heroes better and settle the payouts owed. Now with the addition of the NEW casino and our new partners we will have completed our mission.
Thank you for your extreme patience during these stressful times.

SBR will continue to monitor the situation with Heroes and the alleged upcoming merge. Players that have outstanding balances with Heroes are encouraged to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

Heroes to player on 1/4/10:

Heroes Casino Customer Service has just received your check withdrawal request. Heroes Casino Customer Service will review your request to verify the funds are available in your account, upon verification of funds availability Heroes Casino Customer Service will send your Heroes Casino Payment.
Customer Service will then provide you with a Heroes Casino Withdrawal tracking number in order to insure payment tracking!

Thank you for choosing to play at Heroes Casino. Enjoy your winnings.


Player on 2/3/10:


Still no timetable on when I might receive my winnings (withdrawal request might be paid)


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