Heritage Sportsbook lowers vig from -108 to -105

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Online sportsbook HeritageSports.com announced this morning that it has lowered its reduced juice offering from -108 to -105. In 2009 Heritage officially moved to reduced juice by lowering from standard vig at -110 to -108. Heritage tells SBR that the lower pricing has increased customer retention; additionally players have consistently voted Heritage in the top five online sportsbooks poll in part due to the discounted pricing model. Players should note that Heritage also has other linesets that can be chosen in lieu of the -105 style pricing if a bonus program were preferred. There are three account programs: -105 style pricing for sides and totals, -108 style pricing with cash back and contest perks, or a 50% free play big bonus model. Players can change their selected program semi-annually; two weeks prior to and after October 1st and April 1st. Users are advised to select the program that best suits them for football wagering as soon as possible. As a result of the offering, Heritage has moved to the #2 spot in the SBR reduced juice sportsbook list and has been ordered higher on the best sportsbook bonuses page with the addition of the larger deposit bonus.

Heritage Sports website tour

The below sportsbook tour takes you through the Heritage Sports website. Learn how to place a bet, access the casino, and utilize the cashier. The Heritage wagering software is made by ASI. In addition to the sportsbook, players are offered a casino, racebook, and poker application.

Heritage player feedback

Heritage has ranked highly according to player feedback on customer service, payout speed, and wagering cart variety. Sportsbook Review management have toured the Heritage facility on an annual basis. Management keeps an open line of communication in the event of wagering disputes and has always acted in accordance with gaming industry standard.

Sportsbook Review encourages Heritage players with feedback to write to mail@sportsbookreview.com. Alternatively, Heritage players may share their feedback with other like-minded bettors in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

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