Heritage Sportsbook Letter to new BetJamaica and TheGreek Players

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Player balances were moved from BetJamaica to TheGreek yesterday morning. Heritage Sports management has offered reassurances to these players and asked SBR to share this letter with readers. Heritage Sportsbook (SBR rating B+), like BetJamaica, has been online for over 8 years maintaining a high SBR rating. See Full Letter and brief Q&A

To Our New Clients from The Greek and Bet Jamaica,

We hope the transition has gone well for you.  I know we had a hiccup or two, but if you have any issues whatsoever please contact us.  We are here to make sure you are comfortable. 
This was not a “slam-dunk” decision on our part.  As you know we have an existing client base that we are very protective over but The Greek was very persuasive in wanting to find a good home for you all and so we gave his companies all of our invitations this year. 

The Greek picked us for a reason.  We offer reduced juice (-108) over the Internet on straight games and totals, over 2,000,000 per year in FREE weekly and special event contests, a 30% Progressive Re-load Bonus with your 6th consecutive deposit in a row for free, special perks like “Get Out of Your Bet at ½ Time for Free” on selected games once a month and a slew of other benefits.  Plus you will receive the VIP treatment and financial security Heritage has become famous for.

We will be dealing the full slate of offerings you received at The Greek but it may take us a week or two before we are as proficient as he was at putting these up. 

If you are a “sharp” or “winning” player you will not be shown the door.  To begin with limits may be adjusted appropriately and while we may never be as good as The Greek in meeting your needs we will sure try our best over this football season.

If we still haven’t convinced you, we will process your withdrawal upon your request for FREE.  While we don’t have them yet we will arrange for book to book transfers with Bookmaker and 5 Dimes on Monday and of course you can always receive a check via special courier. 

We do hope you all decide to stay at Heritage.  We will bust our butts to make you glad you did.  

Heritage Sports

Below are a few questions asked by SBR readers that Heritage has answered. 

Q: Does this mean Heritage is open to the public?

A: No.  Heritage is still Invitation Only.  The Greek negotiated to take all our invitations for the year for his book and Bet Jamaica.


Q: Are you going to have all the lines that The Greek had?

A: Yes.  That is our goal.  Previously we did not deal as many events as the Greek but now that we have invited the Greek players to play here we are expanding our offerings.  


Q: Will you cut off winning players?

A:  No we will not.  Limits may be reasonably adjusted but we will do our best to accommodate every one of the Greek and Bet Jam’s players.  Our customer base just got a lot bigger and with that we have a lot more flexibility.


Q: Can I get paid in a timely manner if I do not want to play at Heritage? 

A: Absolutely – but if you close your account you lose your invitation and will miss out on the wide range of perks you get as a client of Heritage like FREE weekly and special event contests totaling over $2 million annually, “get out of your bet for Free at ½ time”, reduced juice over the net etc.

Q: What kind of bonus do I get if I decide to send in?

A: Our 30% Progressive Bonus with your 6th consecutive deposit for free during football.   



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