Heritage Sportsbook joins Best Baseball books, 2012 changes

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With the baseball season in full swing, SBR analyst Peter Loshack provides an in-depth review of the best MLB betting sportsbooks. The video breaks down the advantages of each sportsbook listed in the best MLB betting lines chart, as well as information on the optimal way of wagering baseball. Players with questions can feel free to email SBR at help@sportsbookreview.com.

The sportsbooks on the best baseball lines chart are listed in order of what's considered to offer the most potential monetary benefit to bettors, and are not necessarily listed according to SBR ratings. All sportsbooks on the chart are in good standing; more detailed information on each sportsbook is given in the full sportsbook reviews of each company.

At the right of the chart, the dimelines of all sportsbooks are listed. These lines are the standard full game moneylines each sportsbook offers. Almost all sportsbooks now offer reduced juice on baseball moneylines, but the degree of the juice reduction differs between shops; and "break" points differ between vig levels as well. This is notated for each sportsbook.

The chart also shows which shop offers key features baseball bettors look for, such as overnight lines, deriviatives such as run lines, 5-inning lines, and team totals; while most sportsbooks offer some of these options, not all do in the same way. SBR's MLB chart aims to narrow the scope of what bettors are searching for with the information displayed.

As for the list order itself, Pinnacle Sports is listed as number one. Pinnacle offers the best overall odds and earliest lines in all markets. Pinnacle offers a 12-cent line all the way up to -197.

The second sportsbook listed is 5Dimes. 5Dimes differs from Pinnacle in that US players are allowed to have accounts. While their offers are not exactly on par with Pinnacle, 5Dimes does offer lines that most closely rival Pinnacle's. 5Dimes is well-known for their nickel lines on overnight lines; which is linked in this chart.

Making the list for the first time is Heritage Sportsbook. Heritage has recently greatly expanded its baseball offerings; notably featuring expanded buying and selling of runs on games, offering a bettor the opportunity to take a team +3.5 or -3.5.

The rest of the list features some of the better sportsbooks for MLB wagering. The benefits of each shop differs, and the full SBR review intends to educate bettors on what the advantages of doing business with each company could be.

In the above video, SBR analyst and handicapping expert Peter Loshack makes the point that line shopping is essential. That is, the act of searching multiple shops for the best number on any one particular game. SBR offers a free odds monitoring service called SBR Odds which displays most industry sportsbooks numbers. Bettors can use SBR Odds to determine which sportsbook is offering the most advantageous number on any game.

SBR Forum has a baseball betting sub-forum where handicappers gather to blog about picks, share injury information and more. For questions on creating an SBR account, please email forum@sbrforum.com.

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