Heritage Sports deals reduced juice for rest of MLB spring training

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Heritage Sports (SBR rating A) has told SBR that they are now dealing their discount reduced juice games for the remainder of the MLB exhibition games.

Most sportsbooks deal full vigorish pricing during spring training with revised limits.  With Heritage's reduced juice account setting, baseball bettors are offered 8 cent lines up to -108.

What is a baseball "dimeline"
A dimeline is a reference to a baseball line where an online sportsbook charges around a 5% commission on a PK em line, which results in a 10¢ spread in the price of the favorite and underdog. As an example, if the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees betting line is -130 / +120, you are wagering an MLB dimeline. With Heritage Sports, the difference would be even cheaper at 8¢.

Why is it important when betting baseball?
Reduced juice pricing in baseball is vital. Any sports bettor worth his or her salt knows that it is a task in and of itself to come out ahead after a long 162 game season, to do so while accepting the worst of it (certain sportsbooks have 20¢ lines and opt not to deal dimelines or better), would be extremely difficult.

The savings to a sports bettors bankroll are beyond substantial by choosing a baseball sportsbook that deals dimelines, so the importance cannot really be overstated.

The below chart shows what baseball bettors can expect at the Heritage Sports wagering platform, including the pricing breakdowns all the way up to -300 favorites and above.

Information Dime Line Chart

Special**: 8 cent pricing the remainder of MLB exhibition schedule.
Overnight Lines:
Reverse Run Lines: Yes
5-inning lines: Yes: RLs, MLs & Totals
Reduced Juice Totals: No
Grand Salami Totals: Yes
Team Totals: Yes

.08 up to -115

.09 up to -132

.10 up to -170

.13 up to -180
.14 up to -190
.15 up to -200
.20 up to -220
.25 up to -250
.30 up to -285
.40 up to -325.
50 up to -365

Players with questions or feedback on Heritage Sports or their baseball betting lines are encouraged to write to SBR at mail@sportsbookreview.com.

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