Has BetCas Sportsbook Fled with Player Balances?

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A Betcas Sportsbook player has filed a betting dispute.

The player has been trying to access his account for months and has noted that the BetCas homepage displays that their platform is in the process of being upgraded.

Betcas, for their part, have not given specific information to users when their website would be back online and there is speculation on the SBR posting forum that the sportsbook is down for the count. Emails are not being answered.

The online sportsbook had previously accepted bitcoin transactions prior to their abrupt suspension of service.

Multiple players have reported of unpaid balances.

A Betcas player wrote SBR this morning stating the following:

"I have on several occasions emailed support@betcas.com asking where they were at and on the last occasion asking for my funds of some 5380gbp. Last time they responded was 2 weeks ago and they advised that should the site not be up and running soon they would allow players to withdraw their funds however they have not responded to my 2 emails sent in last 3 days and supposedly still have 24/7 CS."

Sportsbook Review is investigating.

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