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Sports handicappers looking to exchange ideas and wagering strategies with likeminded individuals are encouraged to visit the Handicapper Think Tank section at SBR Forum.

A topic created earlier this afternoon posed the question on the best way to convert NBA winning percentages to point spreads.

SBR Forum moderator LT Profits advised the poster that this can be accomplished by converting the win probability percentages into a money line and then entering those odds into the Spread/ML Converter from SBR tools.

The specific formula for converting probability to ML is as follows:

  • If greater than 50% then -(probability/(1-probability)). So 55% would be -.55/.45 for roughly -122
  • If 50% or less, then +((1-probability)/probability). So 40% would be .60/.40 for +150

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For a more basic guide into wagering on NBA, SBR suggests newbies as well as regulars looking to brush up on their NBA betting knowledge to read the how to bet on NBA guide.

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