Grading of NHL Futures Bet Haunts Sportsbook

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On May 13, Sportsbook Review reported that (SBR rating D-) provided new facts in an old betting dispute centered around a bonus confiscation.

A player objected to the amount of funds which were prorated and submitted a set of facts later called into question by VIPSports; in this particular complaint, it appears the online sports betting website may have acted fairly.

However, one big issue still remains, and ultimately has kept on the sportsbook avoid list. has paid only half of a $2,000 winning NHL prop bet a player made during last year's Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Sportsbook Review reported that the online betting site was only willing to pay half of the value of the ticket and proposed this settlement with the player. Fearing it was either half or nothing, the player reluctantly agreed. maintained at the time that the player's prop betting limit was not enforced due to software error. The book contended that he knew he was not supposed to be able to place max limit bets on exotics, although the limit was never verbally communicated to the player.

The sportsbook could never demonstrate the player was ever told of the limit and thus had no way of knowing what the software was supposed to accept. SBR's position is that the industry standard of "you book the bet, you pay the bet" applies and has urged to reconsider their stance.

As of now, the sports betting site has yet to pay the remaining $1,000 owed to the player, and the case is open.

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