GR88: Is the sportsbook roughing up sharps?

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A GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has filed a complaint against the betting site.

The player opened his account in December 2014 and deposited £200, receiving a matching 100% deposit bonus.

Before placing a single bet, his account was locked pending the submission of his ID documents. He provided the documents and began placing bets.

In less than two months he exceeded the bonus turnover requirements on February the 12th, 2015. At this point the player asked to be paid a £1,251 withdrawal. The payout was accepted — he says it was not instantly accepted — but that a few days later, and after receiving no other news aside from seeing the pending request accepted, GR88 dropped the hammer and closed his account.

He was told that the betting site suspected fraudulent activity, specifically that he violated their terms and conditions with respect to multiple accounts. He insists that not only does he have just the one account, he doesn't even have an account at the sister sportsbooks under the Olympian Group family such as Geobet (SBR rating D).

He rightfully points out that at no time during his 7 week wagering period was his account access interrupted, and in fact he had already verified his account following his deposit.

Sportsbook Review reported on a similar case March 4th; a GR88 player claimed that his deposits and winnings were taken. The dispute remains outstanding.

GR88 players in need of sportsbook assistance should submit a complaint with SBR.

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