GR88 Sportsbook still off-line, new bettor complaint

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A GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player with a balance of €3,000 has filed a complaint.

The player holds a balance of over €5,800 with the sports betting site and believes he will not be paid.

He has contacted GR88 on a dozen accounts asking for updates on a November 4th withdrawal, and received no response his last three emails.

Additionally, as SBR reported earlier this week, GR88 Sportsbook has been down for maintenance for two weeks.

GR88 players have always reported of below par customer service, but the combination of outstanding payout complaints, unresponsive customer service, and a website that has been dark has led to player panic, best summarized by the player who filed the latest complaint against GR88.

GR88 Player: "I have used this website for over 12 months. During August and September 2015 I deposited around 3000 euros into my GR88 account from my skrill account. I did not deposit this money with any bonus betting conditions. I made 1 withdrawal in September 2015 of 600 euros which took around 3 weeks to enter my skrill account. On 4th November 2015 I placed a withdrawal of 1800 euros, which to this day, has still not entered my skrill account. I have contacted GR88 on around 12 occasions asking why and on the last 3 occasions I have not received any communication back at all. The earlier times they would apologize for the delay and have the matter referred. I now have a total balance in my GR88 account of just over 5800 euros and am very concerned I may never see this money again. I have not been able to access their website for over 2 weeks now as it is currently undergoing maintenance."

Sportsbook Review has also been unable to reach a GR88 representative. GR88 has been added to the sportsbook blacklist pending resolution of the outstanding complaints and update on its service.

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