GR88 Sportsbook Shares Evidence with SBR in latest Complaint

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Sportsbook Review reported this week that a GR88 (SBR rating D) player filed a complaint against the sports betting website.

GR88 accused a player of fraudulent activities after that player made their first ever payout request.

The player told SBR that she had placed eight wagers and provided her ID to GR88, and claimed that she was unable to withdraw a balance of €990.60 and was concerned that the sportsbook was cheating her out of her winnings with a bogus reason.

The below is what the GR88 player stated in the complaint filed with SBR:

GR88 Player: "I have placed 8 bets and now want to withdraw funds. GR88 have denied my withdrawal and have sent me an email saying that they have irrefutable evidence of fraudulent activities. There is no way that they have such evidence as I have not committed any fraud. I have sent them an email in response explaining this however there has been no response and it has now been 7 days since I sent my email. My account with GR88 is locked. I had provided GR88 with my ID and a utility bill to confirm my address.I believe that I have 990.60 euros in the account which I now want to withdraw. If you could please help me with this situation that would be fantastic."

Sportsbook Review then followed up and spoke with GR88 management concerning the case.

GR88 provided evidence that the player had placed identical bets with as many as eight other players connected by device who had reportedly all taken sign up bonuses at the sports betting website. It was not specified if wagering limits were circumvented.

Upoin review of GR88's findings, SBR has determined that if the facts cannot be disputed by the player, the online sportsbook acted within their terms and conditions.

GR88 players with feedback are encouraged to write to

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