GR88 Sportsbook possibly down for the count

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Online sportsbook GR88 remains off-line with players funds. The betting website has been lowered from D- to F.

Sportsbook Review reported on January 25 that the sports betting website claimed that their business would be reopened "as soon as possible".

No comment was provided on the status of outstanding player balances or how many players have yet to be paid.

A player wrote Sportsbook Review this week stating the following:

GR88 Player: "I can't access the website. (under maintenance) I have since read the reviews and note that here appears to be many others with a similar issue. I know that there is approx 160 Euros in the account. Can anyone provide an update on where things are at with this site?"

GR88 has been off-line since January 19.

GR88 Sportsbook will remain blacklisted until this situation changes.

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