GR88 Sportsbook Accuses Player of Syndicate Betting

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GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has accused a player of syndicate betting.

Syndicate or organized betting refers to the act of colluding with other sports bettors to circumvent wagering limits. It has also been used in the context of players within the same household receiving multiple sign up bonuses for new accounts.

GR88 accused the player of placing identical wagers in derivative markets with 13 other accounts.

It is unclear if the other accounts shared the same IP address or simply wagered on the same matches, or possibly at the same time intervals.

GR88 has cited section 7.5 of their terms and conditions which list the following sternly worded disclaimer:

Section 7.5: "We may at any time set off any positive balance on your account against any amount you owe to us when we re-settle any bets or wagers pursuant to duplicate accounts, collusion, cheating, fraud and criminal activity, currency exchange rates, or errors."

The GR88 Sportsbook player had placed a payout request for €697 on June 29. He has wagered with GR88 for approximately six months and had previously made several successful withdrawals, though he noted that a few were processed very slowly.

The player is aware of the allegations against him. SBR is speaking with the player to determine what if anything he may know that would cause the online sportsbook to have accused him of acting in concert with other individuals.

Long-time SBR readers may remember possibly the most infamous example of a player accused of syndicate wagering, when scam sports betting website BetRevolution (SBR rating D-) confiscated $26,908 from two players.

In one of the most ridiculous cases in recent memory, BetRevolution had their staff search the players on Facebook and found that they were friends, showing no grasp on the subject of syndicate betting and basically saying that friends could not share sports picks with one another.

Blacklisted online sportsbook SBG Global confiscated more than $200,000 from 30 players who were accused of syndicate play simply for following the picks of a radio tout named Sebastian.

Sportsbooks that accuse players of syndicate betting need to have solid evidence before thinking of confiscating winnings, as accepting bets and not paying winnings is seen as one of the most extreme dereliction of duty for any online bookmaker.

GR88 Sportsbook players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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