GR88 Player Accused of Multiple Accounts at Betting Site

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A GR88 Sportsbook player has been accused of having multiple accounts.

The player filed a complaint with SBR Monday afternoon stating that he recently created an account with the online sports betting website and deposited €25.

He received a matching free bet bonus and was on his way to wagering, eventually making more than €250 before having his account closed.

GR88 asked the player to provide his ID documents after the player requested his first payout. He provided the documents and had them verified. It took two weeks for his first €90 payout to be processed, though he correctly notes that GR88 is advertising five day turnaround time for withdrawals.

It is not uncommon for sports betting websites to falsely advertise withdrawal times as reported by SBR in a recent mailbag item and subsequent video report.

Following receipt of his first ever withdrawal from bookmaker GR88, the player put in a second request of €250 on April 1. He was told that 5% of the payout would be deducted from to satisfy a payout fee, which he agreed with.

After two weeks, he received a letter accusing him of operating more than one account with the sports betting website, a charge he adamantly denies.

His winnings were then confiscated by GR88.

The complaint is pending.

GR88 players in need of assistance should file a sportsbook complaint.

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