GR88 Case Update: Player receives half of balance

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Sportsbook Review reported on June 2 that a GR88 (SBR rating D) player was concerned that he would not receive his £4,351 balance.

The player believed he had successfully verified his identity and so he did not understand why there was a delay in receiving his funds, and he took to Twitter to voice his frustration with the experience with the sports betting site.

Sportsbook Review followed up with GR88 and received a response indicating that the player's activity was being investigated. It was a standard procedure that involved auditing the player's history, and is not uncommon even if ID documents have already been submitted.

No comment was given on what exactly may have caused the player's activity to come under review, though one is not necessary, and it might compromise the online sportsbook and clue in would-be troublemakers.

The manager informed SBR that the player would soon receive payment.

Today the player has confirmed receiving exactly half of his balance (withdrawals are limited to £2k at a time), and he will soon receive the other half to resolve the dispute.

Following that complaint, a different GR88 player asked SBR for assistance. The player was accused of foul play and denied a €990.60 withdrawal.

GR88 shared their findings with SBR which involved placing identical bets to as many as eight other players connected by device, all who had reportedly taken sign up bonuses at the sports betting site. SBR concluded that barring the facts being called into question by the player, the online sportsbook acted within their terms and conditions.

GR88 players in need of sportsbook assistance should file a betting complaint form.

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