GR88 Accuses Player via Twitter of Masking IP?

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A sportsbook complaint has been filed against GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D).

A player has claimed that after accumulating a balance of £4,531 through winning sports bets, his payout request was stalled for reasons never fully explained to him, before he says he was accused over Twitter of masking his identity online.

GR88 Sportsbook Player: "After accepting a reload bonus of 100gbp on the back of a 1000gbp deposit, I played thru the roll-over requirements, having ended up with 4531.04 in the account after winning several bets. The funds were released to my account after contacting customer support and I submitted a withdrawal request. I was requested to supply more address/age/personal verification documents (despite already doing this when opening the account). These were verified and I was allowed to submit a withdrawal request. I ensured that this was lower than the permitted maximum of 2000gbp."

The player has yet to be paid, and provided more background below:

"This request was 3 weeks ago. Every time I contact customer support to find the status, I am told (usually via a copy and pasted message) that the withdrawal is still under review. The only place I received any decent contact was via Twitter until a man named Rory Bennett, from security messaged to say that my withdrawal was delayed as I was masking my identity online. This is a lie and I responded in kind, including proof that my IP address is publicly visible. This was a week ago, and despite his message stating that the issue would be resolved early the next week, ie 3-4 days ago, I have heard nothing more despite 2 follow up emails. "

Sportsbook Review attempted to confirm the tweet but it appears to have been removed from the GR88 twitter page.

SBR has followed up with the online sportsbook to discuss the issue.

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