Google Docs outage serves as reminder for sports bettors

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Google is used for just about everything these days. Sports bettors rely on Google to find the best sportsbooks, or to find websites like SBR to read sportsbook reviews, or just the hottest Lindsay Lohan photos available that aren't flagged as NSFW.

A common way sports bettors use Google is to save important documents and spreadsheets.

As online sportsbooks have made it routine to send over a copy of your ID or utility bill to cash out these days to satisfy compliance or KYC, it can become tedious having to scan and email the same documents over and over again.

Google Drive allows bettors to save these documents so that they can easily be distributed to new contacts in the future.

Google Drive suffered an outage for over an hour earlier today, which sent many users into outright panic: Whether organizing notes for an upcoming office meeting, or simply trying to access documents, saved algorithims for beating the bookies, recording win/loss results for sports picks, there's a heck of a lot of people relying on Google for productivity and not merely browsing the web.

An SBR reader commented the following: "I saved over four months of my win and loss profits and am shut out right now. Argh this sucks!".

Save Important Documents!
Sportsbook Review advises players to keep hard copies of vital documents. As the recent Amazon server outages which have brought down the likes of NetFlix and even the SBR Service Play tracker have shown, the tech industry is not perfect.

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