GolfAndBet; scam sportsbook still taking bets

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GolfAndBet (unrated) displays the following message on its webpage to visitors acknowledging that the sportsbook is insolvent.

GolfAndBet homepage message:

We at Golf and Bet is committed to providing our customers a bit more than usual. It has been appreciated by our members that have flowed above our expectations.Unfortunately, it has also led to our generous bonuses during startup have been too expensive why we decided to take a temporary timeout in the meantime we are working to resolve the situation.

During that time we will not accept new deposits from our customers and do not make disbursements.We hope for your understanding and that you are assured that we will do our best to operate properly as soon as possible. Of course, it also means that our goal is that all the outstanding balances should be paid out in full in accordance with our bonus rules.

Despite this message, which is signed by managing director Stefan Gladh, stating that new deposits would not be accepted, a player wrote to SBR on 2/24 indicating that he deposited €100 on January 25th, and attempted to withdraw winnings on February 5th.

SBR contacted Stefan Gladh asking him to confirm that no new deposits are being taken. Stefan claimed that deposits were not being processed and that the sportsbook is currently looking for investors. This is a direct contradiction of the information SBR received in its player complaint. SBR asks that players owed from when GolfAndBet first displayed its insolvency message file sportsbook complaint reports. GolfAndBet has been added to the SBR sportsbooks ratings guide at F.

Player comments:

First of all sorry for my english.I have made my deposit the last day of jannary (25/01/2010) of 100 euro and I have made the withdrawal the 5 februry. There are all lot of people in my same situation.


GolfAndBet in response to SBR inquiry:


Hallo No we are not accepting Ant deposits or bets at the moment because weare looking after investors. Regards






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