GoBetGo back online but not without complaints

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GoBetGo Sportsbook

Sportsbook Review reported Monday that GoBetGo Sportsbook was off-line.

Several players reported that GoBetGo's homepage was unreachable for many hours; these players were concerned at the abrupt disconnection and launched complaints with SBR against the betting site.

GoBetGo later popped back up on a .net website before their .com website access was restored. No official word was posted from the online sportsbook staff.

GoBetGo players have submitted a wide range of complaints with SBR in the past 48 hours. These complaints include the following reports:

A player has claimed that €125,000 in winnings were confiscated. He has provided detailed history of dealings with GoBetGo, and has been accused of being part of a "fraud ring".

A player reported having a balance of €3,600. He was locked out of his betting account on December 26. He was sent an email which indicated the betting site wanted to arrange a phone call with him - presumably to quiz him as was reported in this complaint - but he claimed that when the sportsbook called he was driving and could not satisfactorily participate in the call. No update has been given on the complaint.

A player has reported a €2150 payout requested December 26 has not been paid.

A player has submitted a $350 payout complaint which has been pending since January 8. He has stated that GoBetGo customer service has not responded to him on any inquiries since Christmas 2014.

A player has reported being owed €3,279 and has not yet received payment. The complaint has been pending over one week.

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