GoalWin Sportsbook complaint filed

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A GoalWin Sportsbook (unrated) player has filed an SBR complaint. The player has claimed to be owed more than €100 for three months without receiving word on the status of his outstanding payout request. Sportsbook Review is following up on the complaint. GoalWin users have reported of tardy payout requests in the past, although this is the first claim to have surfaced since Oct 2013.

SBR reported in October that a Globet Sportsbook player received payment. The user originally sought SBR's assistance after not receiving a Skrill payout for more than two weeks.

Earlier in the month, Globet Sportsbook acknowledged a backlog of payouts in a short statement provided to SBR.

Globet Sportsbook users with payout feedback are encouraged to write to SBR.

Follow SportsbookReview.com on twitter. SBR has been the leading online sportsbook industry watchdog since 1999. Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form. Players with general questions may also contact SBR by writing to help@sportsbookreview.com.

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