Goalbet player accused of making "sure bets"

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A Goalbet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint.

The player has accused the online sports betting site of confiscating his winning balance.

The player was limited to €1 shortly before the funds confiscation, which he estimated at €330, but as he cannot access his account any longer he is unsure the exact amount.

The player was told that customers who are guilty of "sure bets" will be unable to redeem their balances.

SBR is investigating this complaint. If the player did not run afoul of reasonable terms and conditions - for instance, if the player only operated one account and made standard sports wagers, then Goalbet would have no basis to confiscate his winnings.

"Sure bets" or bets where there is the suspicion of arbitrage at play are at the end of the day still standard wagers. Online sportsbooks need to show cause if they decide to confiscate winnings, such as a player circumventing wagering limits for a related account.

SBR will update as more facts are learned.

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