Globet Sportsbook on the move: Address changed w/ UK Govt

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Globet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) has been off-line since 18 February 2014. SBR investigators discovered that Globet Sportsbook changed their office address on file with the UK Government which posted officially as of 18 February 2014. The office address change could signal the company downsizing; Globet has been slow-paying customers for quite some time.

SBR has been littered with Globet Sportsbook payout complaints for much of the last calendar year. Globet was notoriously slow with processing eWallet payouts in their advertised 2-3 working day window, although management generally responded to SBR when players received payment. Globet declined to go on the record with SBR to discuss the source of the delays prior to going off-line.

Globet customers who wish to stay in contact with other users or share their experiences are invited to stop by the SBR Forum Sportsbook & Industry section. SBR will be posting all updates received.

If Globet Sportsbook does not come back online, it would be the second sportsbook in as many months to turn out the lights under the watch of the UK Gambling Commission, with Canbet running themselves into insolvency. Globet currently maintains an active licence - number 2947 - with the Commission.

Snapshot of Globet licence from UK Gambling Commission website:

SBR has downgraded Globet to D-, which officially places them on the sportsbook blacklist.

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