Globet Sportsbook downgraded after repeated payout complaints

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Globet Sportsbook news

Three Globet Sportsbook (SBR rating D) players have filed payout complaints. The users are each waiting for at least €500 from as early as July 31. Globet Sportsbook has had a number of payout issues over the last six months. Players have reported payment after filing SBR complaints, but there has been no shortage of new issues.

Player one asked for €500 on July 31.

Player two asked for €1141 on September 24.

Player three asked for €748 on September 10.

Globet Sportsbook has not provided any of the players with a time-frame for when they could expect to receive their funds. Management has responded on one of three of the cases indicating they are reviewing the player's complaint.

SBR reported in September that a dispute was closed by Globet paying a player that made a payout request a month before.

In light of their continued payout issues and poor service to users, Globet Sportsbook has been downgraded to D. Players should be aware that Globet is not honoring withdrawals in the 2-3 working day window advertised on their website.

Globet Sportsbook users in need of assistance should write to SBR.

Follow on twitter. SBR has been the leading online sportsbook industry watchdog since 1999. Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form. Players with general questions may also contact SBR by writing to

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