Globet adds rule to retroactively deny bonus

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A Globet (SBR rating D+) bonus complaint has been filed. In February of 2010, a German player deposited €100 and accepted a bonus offer of 100%. After making the required number of bets to release his bonus, Globet stated that players from Germany are no longer allowed to operate accounts, and denied crediting the bonus. Globet closed the player's account and has yet to return his deposit. SBR is investigating the bonus complaint.

Globet player:

There was and there is no rule mentioned on their site prohibiting players from Germany! The only thing they changed was to take out the option to put in Germany as country (like United States) once you enter their site to sign up with them - when I did sign up with them their obviously was the option Germany. So they didn't have this rule in effect when I signed up with them!

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