Globalbet Sportsbook player acknowledges taking a shot

On Saturday, Sportsbook Review reported an update on the $7,000 dispute launched against Globalbet Sportsbook (unrated).

A player claimed that he made $7,500 worth of deposits over one month via credit card.

The player claimed to have profited $5000 betting with Globalbet. He stated that he requested a payout of $7,000 and that Globalbet then refunded his deposits without paying any of the winnings.

Sportsbook Review spoke with Globalbet, who claimed that their third-party processor confirmed five of six of the player's deposits were insufficient.

SBR followed up with the player and initially he denied the activity, but later confirmed it after an SBR analyst pointed out inconsistencies with his story.

The dispute is considered closed.

Globalbet players with feedback are encouraged to write to





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